Please CLICK on a photo and the captions will come up with the photo. The journey to put together a passive solar, self-sustaining green house. See Totally "Off-Grid", solar electric, solar heat, solar hot water, catchwater roof and water re-cycling system, planter greenhouse all in a green house. I am glad to hear from YOU. Phone through Skype at "glenhavenwest" or email "graham.bowkett AT" with the heading "Glenhaven Photos". Please read the captions.
Our answer to what the individual can do to survive in a Peak Oil and Climate Change world. This would work better if this 5 acres were in a small town as opposed to being outside a small village.Zak sitting on the west tyre wall. The house has a contiuous tyre wall from the west through the north and part of the east wall. The south wall is 90% glass with an east patio door to the east.Anna and BlakeAnna & GeorgeDominiqueAnna, Blake, Dominique & GeorgeSome olde gaffer, Anna, Blake & GeorgeThe house will have a brick floor on top of the bedrock. Good thermal mass.Looking to the south west corner. This rock (where the front framing meets the west tyre wall) could not be removed so it will be part of the bathrom!!!It has been raining! A good picture though as it shows where the front planter will be, this water will be recycled to water outside growing beds.These square-cut timber to support the vigas on the tyre-wall were cut at a mill in the village from local timber.Front south face.South east corner where we will have the patio & hot-tub.Gonzo (Bobcat, front loader) taking the vigas up onto the roof.